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June 03, 2005

All good things must end

...so they must. I clearly remember the day I setup this blog, I was excited and I wanted to keep posting things on here. That was over 2 years ago. I never overcame the conflict of whether I should blog for myself or for an audience, ireespective of how meagre an audience it was. Right about now! was never a great blog, it had it's moments and it had a lot of potential much of it remained unfulfilled, alas it's time to say goodbye now and lay this blog to rest.

Am I sad at shutting this blog down? A bit yes, although I never brought it to the dizzying heights of popularity I had envisioned for it at the time, I thought of it often and it has brought me comfort at difficult times. I had fun playing around with it, it's been real interesting and a lot of fun. So yes, I am sad to leave behind a part of me. At this point in my life, I am leaving a lot behind apart from the blog, all of which brings me great sadness.

However, with endings come new beginnings. It is these beginnings that continue to inspire me. The closure of this blog does not signal the end of my blogging days, on the contrary I am going to start a brand new blog. I cannot continue on Right about now! It is one of things that belonged to me during the past 2 years that hold too many memories. I'm lookin at the future right now, a brand new Monish, with new plans and visions for the future.

I will every now n then look over my shoulder and keep coming back to Right about now! The memories will be bittersweet but look back I must.I'm not sure if I'll post a link to my new Blog on here, I might, I might not. If anyone is really interested in finding out...go ahead and e-mail me.Goodnight folks! Goodbye Right about now!....

Posted by me on Friday, June 03, 2005

April 11, 2005

Another day spent in London!

It was a lovely day yesterday in London. We decided to go on the London Eye. This was something I missed doing the last time around, there was apparently a long waiting list at that time, it was the new millenium and everything. We had great weather, it makes sense to go on the London eye on a clear bright day as opposed to a crappy clouded one so we were blessed with good sunshine.

So, here's the story of the day, in pictures ofcourse :

This is Beckenham Junction, we took a train to Victoria from here

..And a 2 minute walk from Victoria brings you to Westminster Abbey

This is me in front of one of the churches next to the abbey

We didn't waste much time, we walked across from Parliament square, over the bridge and landed up at the London Eye

Here are some scenes from within the capsule on the London Eye. The scenery is breathtaking and yet boring in a way..

Yeah, it is a long way down and you could get dizzy up there!

The capsule next to us

The Houses of Parliament from the London eye


Just me

I will bring you down to China Town!

After we were done with the London Eye, we decided to head towards China Town in London. We walked through this place last week and it came across as a very lively, vibrant, colorful part of town and it smelt grat. There were all these beautiful restaurants selling all kinds of oriental food and we just couldn't leave without tasting some of the stuff.

We settled for a place called "Ye Tung", this guy was handing out flyers for a buffet at this place and when we came across it, the pretty waitress pointed upstairs to us. We were sold. Now, this place had 2 kinda buffets, one with 40 items for 8 quid and another lesser one for 5 quid, they were on seperate floors,ofcourse we went for the cheaper one and we were dissapointed.

This is what the place looked like, I imagine restaurants in Beijing being something like this!

This was round 1 of the feast :

...and how I tucked it all in :)

...and not much else happened after that really. Just some general lazing about London. I'm starting to get kinda sick of this place. I really like it that I heard 50 accents from 50 different nationalities all in one day, this is a great city to walk about in, really is. Here's a final pic of Piccadilly circus in the afternoon :

Posted by me on Monday, April 11, 2005

April 07, 2005

Dinner At Maroush

This is what we did in the evening. We had such a good time, this event deserved a post for itself.

So, we had to meet up with the Geller Family at Maroush on Bond street at 8 PM. Because my mum has a bad foot, we had to drive to the place, we checked it out earlier in the day when we went for our walk. Anyways, so we leave at around 6.40 in the evening and end up late at 8.30. It was a crazy, harrowing experience was navigationg the streets of London city, as any london driver will tell you!

We got dropped off at Maroush while my brother went looking for some place to park the car. We were immeditaley greeted by Uri and the rest of the family who were seated on the upper floor. Now Maroush is a fancy Lebanese restaurant, yet it didn't have the stuffy atmosphere of a fine dining place. This was the kind of place I'd set up if I ever open a restaurant myself :)

So we hugged and greeted one another, it was great to meet with the kids, Dan & Nat after 5 whole years. It felt just like 5 years ago, everyone's grown out of their teen years, so much has happened in the 5 years, yet when we're back together it's like a moment frozen in time. This is what it means to be back with friends after years. Just awesome.

A word about the kids, Daniel and Natalie. Daniel is a member of the conservative party, he's an LSE Graduate and has completed Law school as well, he was on his way to becoming a barrister when the politics bug bit him and he is doing fantastically well. He's the most humble and gentlest soul on the planet. This guy has a great future ahead of me, I get greatness vibes from him I've never gotten from anyone else ever!

Natalie is the younger of the kids, again very humble and very kind. She wants to become an actress and is working hard towards it. She's beautiful and I know she's going to make it big one day, I can sense there's a burning desire to do well in her.

These two are the nicest kids anywhere in the world. I am so happy and proud to know them!

Here are some photos from the evening :

Maroush : The Venue

Daniel & I

(l-r) Uri, Daniel, Bobby, myself

Uri Geller & I

Bobby, Uri and Myself

I and Natalie

I really liked it that my Mum was having a good time with the people she's met only once before. Everyone was warm and friendly with her, especially the women! Ofcourse none of the photos have my Mum or Hannah in them, they're in Shipi's camera!

The evening ended with warm goodbyes and a promise to meetup again before the end of the trip!

Posted by me on Thursday, April 07, 2005


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